Creating a blog with nanoc3

Posted on 2011-05-13

Welcome to the first post on my blog!

nanoc3 is a framework to compile static websites; as only i am modifying the content, there is no need for any dynamic part in it – i can just update the static files when i want to change something.
A static website has some interesting features:

  • No need for any database setup
  • No need to run php/python/ruby/perl (or whatever you would use to generate pages) on your webserver, resulting in lower load and faster responses
  • Less software to maintain on the server which means less security problems.

You can compile dynamic parts too of course, for example i could compile the menu and the design for a page statically and still create the content with php.

This is all nice for a simple web page, you can easily maintain pages about you and your projects, but sometimes you like external input like comments on your page. This is where DISQUS comes in, and i hope it saves me a lot of problems with spam and keeping a “comment software” uptodate :)

nanoc3 generates content items from static files by default, but you can add your own sources too; so i wrote a “blog” source, which creates virtual items like monthly overviews. Perhaps i will publish my nanoc3 helpers sometime in the future :)

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